Research at the New York State Mesonet

Data Access Policy

The mission of the New York State (NYS) Mesonet is to operate a world-class environmental monitoring network and deliver high-quality observations and timely value-added products to New York State residents and workers in order to support state decision makers, to enhance public safety and education, and to stimulate advances in resource management, agriculture, industry, and research.

NYS Mesonet data are free to the general public for private use and available for licensing to other entities in accordance with the NYS Mesonet Data Policy. For more information, please contact the NYS Mesonet Program Manager, Dr. Jerry Brotzge, at jbrotzge(at)albany(dot)edu.

All New York State Mesonet data are copyrighted and protected as the intellectual property of the Mesonet. NYS Mesonet data includes all raw and quality-assured observations as well as all value-added products directly created and distributed by the Mesonet. With the exception of media users and explicit agreements to the contrary, no redistribution, sharing, or selling of the data is allowed. Penalty is termination of access to data and possible legal action to recover lost revenue.

All papers published using Mesonet data must include the NYS Mesonet acknowledgment statement. Co-authorship with Mesonet personnel is highly encouraged to ensure the most accurate use of the data, although this is not a requirement.